Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sydney likes to be held up to be able to see everything around her these days. She knows how to get her way with us, and we are great enablers! Her chubber cheeks are only accentuated when she smiles. Today was her baby blessing and she was all smiles on the way to church (usually she sleeps), and I knew it was not going to last. By the end I was covered in regurgitated milk and my feet were killing me from standing with her for 45 min bouncing in heels.

Here is Grandma McAfee cleaning after the feast we had, thanks to her. She always has a ton of food at gatherings. She said to me today, "I don't want people to feel like they can't take a lot" as she loaded the dishes by twice the amount I had. I was fat and happy by the end of the hour as was everyone else.
Huge Strawberries!!!!!!!!!!! Nummers!!!

The camera lens was fogging up, but there is Sydney in her cute white dress all ready for church. It was amazing I didn't find any green stains on the back by the end of church. It is still white.