Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sydney loved the water. Just splishin' and a splashin'... in the water with her dad. She had a serious face on the whole time though. So the only way we assumed she liked it was that she kept splashing and watching the water intently. No, we didn't take her on the tube, she was just playing in it.

Ellie has maybe lost some attention since Syd, but she doesn't even mind as long as she can go swimming once in a while. She just stayed in the current and swam, kind of like those exercise pools with the jet that lets you swim in place. I had to keep calling her back because it was hard to watch her just swim and swim and not get anywhere.

Chad and Troy.

Camping was fun, but tenting it was the low point. Let me just say on behalf of Lucus and myself... if you forget an air matress and you pass a wal-mart on your way to the camp, don't decide to "skip it and just sleep on the ground." Buy a new air matress. Sydney woke up a couple of times screaming and I know the whole camp heard her. All smiles during the day though.

Just fun times.

She is "worming" around now. Not crawling yet. But seems to get around just fine. I even have been catching her standing up on things. That is when she gets so excited she grins from ear to ear. She grabs my jeans and grunts trying to pull herself up my leg when she wants held. It is so cute. Every day she gets better and better at pulling herself up it makes me nervous. We try to tell her "no" when she gets to the DVD player, but she just looks at us and pops the tray out, her personal ladder to the TV I guess. Man we love her and are amazed by her every day. Every parents says that, but it seems like finally I understand about how kids are so amazing. Lucus rolls around on the floor with her and can make her giggle with no end with his range of voices, silly faces, and tickles.
Frozen strawberries seem to be a favorite, but once they thaw she drops the holder and cries. Works well for a while. I gave her a plain ice cube to suck on after a strawberry and she automatically dropped it. Not as good eh?

4th of July swinging away. At first she didn't know what to think. Then there were a few moments of fun, then she got bored and just lounged, no smile, no expression. Of course we were doing the enormous, way too obvious grins and overexcitement trying to get her to smile. Here is a mild attmept. Cute though.

A FIRST birthday!!

Birthday boy!

Troy loved the cake after he figured out it was for eating. Then he just wanted to play with it.

Sydney got her first taste of watermelon (which granny Mac gave her and from then on she wouldn't stop reaching for it with her mouth wide open).