Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Western Idaho Fair

Fun at the fair with Chad, Jen, and Troy and Jenny's sis's fam. Brook and Kip came later...oh yeah I still have their "shamwows". I caved this year and was sucked into a demo and bought some, but they gave us a free one so I felt good. Kip and Brook had us buy some for them too. They seem awesome.

No rides for Syd this year, but her parents sure stuffed their faces with the famous "fair food". I was in heaven.

Gotta just love the "baby stare". I love seeing babies watch each other.

Stanley in August

Sydney in her mosquito-proof pen. She really wanted to get Ellie.

Lucus with his new BBQ set his Mom-in-Law gave him. He didn't take it off for a while. I have to say that the steak was really good though.

Finally a pic of my mom. She seems to become scarce when the camera comes out.

On the top bunk of the camper. Bless the camper. Who knew stanley would be 40 degrees in august. Man...Bless the camper and its bringer (grandma Nancy).

No, they are root beer bottles. She just liked the taste on the top. What kind of parents would we be.....
. ..


Mark came back for a week and let us all have fun at his cabin. Sydney didn't get to ride, but I sure did. Lucus was like a kid in a candy shop. He was constantly covered in dust. I think I am getting better-maybe not at the kick start racing atv, but definately the other stuff.

Even grandma nancy had a blast! Mark said she even went up a steep hill.