Sunday, November 8, 2009

So winter is heading our way fast. We have so many leaves to get raked and weeds to pull. Slowly it seems like we are "winterizing". Sydney even comes out to help, but she really just wants to try all the little pieces of weeds and gravel out in her mouth, so she is confined to the backpack or play yard with a sheet in the bottom so she doesn't resort to eating the "natural treasures". I really enjoy fall cleanup because I get to kill all the pesky overgrown plants and bugs die in the cold. I am finding that I am becoming more aware of summer being associated with bugs. we stacked and restacked hay for the winter and found our missing cat (who was a great mouser/outdoor cat) had been layed to rest by some wild beast. Poor Ernie. I know I will miss him. It is going to be hard to find a cat to live up to him. Sydney seems to be the only thing I take pictures of lately, but I can't help it. She is such a funny little darling.

Mommy's favorite chocolate may turn out to be Sydneys' too.

Sportin' the hat.

So this is a rocking motorcycle that was bought by grandma Garner then given to Lucus before he even thought about being a dad. Lo and behold now it is Syds.

All decked out to play out in the cold for the day. She isn't impressed by the layers.


Clint, Ainslee, & Carlee said...

She's so darn cute! I love the bottom two pictures of her! Keep the updates coming please!!!

Jenny said...

Such a cutie pie. Love the pictures. We definitely need to see her more!

Annette said...

Just found your blog. What a cute little girl, Nicki! I'm glad to be able to 'spy' on you now.